It’s Never Too Lake to Clear Up Your Fungal Nails!

If you’re currently suffering from fungal toenails—regardless of how long you’ve had them, or how many times you’ve tried to treat them, or what time of year it is—there’s something you must know:

It’s never too late.

In fact, we can have you walking out the door with beautiful looking toenails—in a single appointment.

It’s all thanks to a cosmetic procedure now available at our office called KeryFlex, which you’ll learn more about in a few paragraphs.

But first, let’s set the stage.

Fungal Toenails: A (Once) Stubborn Infection

There are few foot problems more frustrating than fungal toenail infections—and not just because they’re often unsightly and embarrassing.

Simply put, there’s a reason why so many people have simply given up on treating them, despite how embarrassed they may feel. Several reason, in fact.

  • 1: They (used to) take forever to clear up. The main stumbling block here is that toenails grow very slowly, and simply killing the fungi isn’t going to make the already thickened, warped, damaged toenail go back to normal. So you’re stuck waiting 9-12 months for new, healthy nail to grow in. (In other words, your nails aren’t going to be ready for Rhonda’s pool party next Saturday.)
  • 2: Treatment (used to) be no fun at all. The main treatment option for fungal nails at most podiatry clinics is still oral antifungals, which have a so-so success record. More crucially, they can produce undesirable side effects and may not be safe for all patients. Fortunately, laser treatment is now available, and it’s much easier, safer, and more effective. (That still doesn’t help with problem number one, unfortunately.)
  • 3: The recurrence rate is high. Even if fungal nails have been successfully treated once, you’ll need to develop some healthy, hygienic habits if you want to keep them from coming back. Unfortunately, many people fail to develop these habits, and when their toenail fungus comes back they’re less enthusiastic about another round of treatment.

Another problem: You can’t just cover them up with polish or artificial nails, either. Those “treatments” actually make the problem worse, because it makes it harder for the nails to breathe, traps more moisture under the nail, and actually promotes accelerated fungal growth.

But guess what?

Things have changed drastically in just the last couple of years, and great looking toenails are now literally one phone call and one 30-minute appointment away.

Skeptical? Let’s talk KeryFlex.

What Is KeryFlex?

The simple answer is that KeryFlex is an aesthetic treatment that allows us to transform a damaged, thickened, discolored, and even deformed toenail into one that looks and feels completely natural.

First, the nail is filed down and prepped. From this base, a “new” nail is modeled from a high-quality, medical-grade resin that bonds firmly to the existing toenail. From there, the resin is cured, hardened, shaped, smoothed, buffed and sealed to perfection.

From start to finish, the whole process only takes about 30 minutes. And the finished product is flexible, breathable, non-permeable and non-porous. It looks so natural, you might even forget it isn’t 100% your original nail. You can even paint it!

In other words, now your nails can be ready for Rhonda’s pool party next Saturday. Instead of waiting months and months for the nail to fully clear, you can get it in a single afternoon.

The Fine Print

There really are no downsides to the procedure, but to be totally transparent let’s be clear about what KeryFlex is and what it isn’t.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that KeryFlex is a cosmetic procedure only. It won’t do anything about the fungi still operating underneath your nail, which means the natural nail will continue to sustain damage.

But here’s the beautiful thing: KeryFlex does not interfere with medical treatments in any way. We can still administer either laser therapy or oral antifungal medications as we normally would to kill the infection, with no reduction in efficacy. KeryFlex simply gives you a way to get great cosmetic results instantly, instead of being forced to wait.

The second important consideration is that, as the nail grows out, you may need to reapply the treatment a couple of times, until the fungi has been completely cured (via other medical treatments) and your new nail is growing in healthy to begin with. A single application of KeryFlex typically lasts about 6-8 weeks on average.

It’s Never Too Late!

If you’re one of the millions who have simply given up on ever having beautiful toenails again, take heart! There is now an easy, convenient, and essentially instantaneous solution available.

No waiting months and months for results. No “too late to get those nails clear by the end of sandal season.” Clear toenails, today.


Give Tucson Foot Institute a call at (520) 545-0202 so we can schedule an appointment and talk options for your fungal toenails. Or, if you’d prefer, you can request an appointment using our online contact form.

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